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When regulators conduct visits to audit firms, one of the first things they ask for are details of the firm’s ISQC 1 procedures.

In our experience though, whilst audit firms are familiar with the International Standards on Auditing that apply to individual audits, they are less comfortable with ISQC 1.

ISQC 1 is the standard that outlines what high level quality control procedures the audit practice should have in place.

The PCP ISQC 1 Training Tool, is an online training webinar that guides the practitioner through the standard giving a better understanding of ISQC 1, and what a firm needs to have in place to satisfy the requirements of the regulator.

The training material covers the background to the standard and gives practical guidance on what the firm needs to do.

The cost of the ISQC 1 Online Training Tool is £75 + VAT.

The product is available via web login. Within 24 hours of purchase, you will be sent an email which will give you access to the product at www.pcpproducts.com.

Purchase of this product also give access any updates in the next 12 months.

"CPD Certificates are available on request. Completion of all sections of this Video amounts to 2 hours CPD"

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