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In House Training

If you are looking for a course to run for your staff to obtain their audit CPD for the year, you may want to consider a tailored in house training course. Our courses can cater for up to 25 staff and may be a more cost effective way of training. Costs start from £1,700 plus vat per day plus expenses.

We have two standard courses which may be of interest:

PCP In House Training

Audit Workshop which will guide staff through an audit using case studies and examples. Staff will be shown the common pitfalls that auditors can make and this will enable the practice to approach their audits in a much more confident manner. This course is particularly beneficial in advance of a regulatory visit as it highlights some of the issues that are likely to arise, or as part of an action plan following a regulatory visit. This is a two day course and prices start from £1,700 plus vat per day plus expenses.

File Review and Debrief: Our second standard course may be beneficial for your staff if you have recently had a regulatory body monitoring visit. A review of a nominated audit will take place in advance of the course and the Director will take the staff through some of the areas of weakness, how to address those weaknesses and how to improve their audit work going forward. This course typically is one day and costs start from £2,500 plus vat and expenses depending on the size of the audit file reviewed. This price includes the file review and a report of all the findings.

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