Advanced Auditing Techniques- Online Audit Training


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This online training tool builds on the success of the original online audit training tool by looking at areas of audit work that firms often require further assistance with. This may be as a result of queries that they come up with, recent tecnological changes or comments from the many global audit regulators that we deal with.

Specifically, the following areas are dealt with:

  • Efficient auditing of a micro/small entity
  • Data analytics
  • Sampling techniques and error interpretation
  • Risk assessment techniques
  • Substantive analytical review
  • Group audit considerations
  • Risk effects of different management models
  • Adding value to your audits
  • Completion and quality control
  • Using computerised audit programmes
  • Sundry areas such as management override, using the work of experts and impairment reviews

Each section ‘stands alone’ so the training does not need to be all viewed in one sitting. It is designed for ongoing use within an audit practice.

The product costs £150 + VAT. Purchase of this product is for 12 months subscription and may be used firm wide.

The product is available via web login. Within 24 hours of purchase, you will be sent an email which will give you access to the product at www.pcpproducts.com

"CPD Certificates are available on request. Completion of all sections of this Video amounts to 3 hours CPD"

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