IFRS/IAS Interactive Disclosure checklist


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  • Do you want to ensure that your accounts comply with the disclosure requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards?
  • Have you been criticised by your regulator for not having a disclosure checklist?
  • Do you wish to demonstrate that you have considered disclosure requirements in a comprehensive fashion?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then the PCP IAS/IFRS disclosure checklist is what you need. The checklist is completed on screen and contains a series of tailoring questions which, when completed, eliminate unnecessary questions later in the checklist. This means that completion is more time efficient when using a manual checklist.

Completion of the checklist takes place on screen, but once finished, reports can be produced for the working papers file that demonstrate its completion.

There is no programme to download. The checklist questions and your subsequent answers are kept on the ‘cloud’ so that all you need to complete in or out of the office is an internet connection.

Please note this product is a pure IFRS/IAS disclosure checklist and any local legal disclosure requirements are not covered.

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